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An all-rounded international recruitment network targeting all professionals especially in the e-sports, creative and entertainment industries. 


Who we are looking for?

- Gamers

- Coaches

- DJs

- Dancers

- Entertainers

- Performers

- Stage Managers / MCs

- Production specialists

- Researchers / Interpreters / Translators

- Marketing professionals

- Promotion coordinators

- Game developers / designers

- Web and app developers / designers

- Business Development teams

- Sponsorship experts

... and more

We work directly with over 30 countries (and increasing) e-sports, creative and entertainment communities and enterprises - opportunities which come through our doors are limitless.  

Get yourself noticed by enlisting on our talent recruitment network

Increase your visibility to the industries that you are passionate about

Gain experiences by working directly with the industry professionals

Be it long term or contract work, permanent placement or internships, we will get you matched with the right entity.

Send your resume to to kick start your route to be Hunted & Jump!

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